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Welcome to the Emerson Chamber of Commerce Emerson, New Jersey

The Emerson Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Borough of Emerson and the surrounding communities since 1975.  Our mission is to make Emerson a better place to live, shop and seek various services. Our members are retailers, service companies and professionals.  Many of our members reside in Emerson and serve the borough in the following capacities: Member of the Governing Body ( Mayor and Council), and Member of the Municipal Land Use Board.  The Chamber supports the many borough organizations and schools in their fundraising programs and also award a monetary scholarship to a graduating senior of Emerson High School.  Please consider using our members when the need arises.

Chamber Feature : CKO Celebrates One Year and going STRONG

I’m Frances Allen-Benintende, Owner/Operator of CKO Kickboxing in Emerson, and this our story: CKO Kickboxing is an International Cardio-Kickboxing Franchise. Our workout sessions burn fat and up to 1200 calories, reduce stress, and tone up your body. This is accomplished through proven methods of punching and kicking Real Heavy Bags. The classes are Co-Ed and designed for all Skill and Fitness levels. Whether a Beginner or Seasoned Member, everyone can work out at their own pace. CKO Emerson is Real People, hitting Real Heavy Weight Bags, and getting Real Results! CKO Kickboxing was founded in Hoboken in 1997 by Joseph Andreula. His Fitness Formula became so popular that Joe opened nine locations by 2004. Since then, the company has grown to ninety locations in the United States & Canada, distinguishing itself as a family and community-oriented Fitness Organization with many devoted followers. Prior to owning CKO, I was a teacher for the Bergen County Special Services School District, and I had a career at the Alternative High School. My teaching career brought me to Emerson where I worked with the High School as part of the Special Services Nova Program. Fitness has always been very important to me. Living as a Health-Conscious Fitness Enthusiast is something that helped me through a very difficult time, as I lost my late husband to Pancreatic Cancer approximately six years ago. It was during this difficult period that I was introduced to CKO by my daughter, Stephanie, who took me to my first class. It was nothing like I had ever experienced, and I was immediately addicted to the workout. It was a tremendous stress reliever for me, and the workouts would leave me physically and emotionally empowered. At this juncture, it didn’t take long for us to start looking into possibly opening our own CKO, but the timing would have to be right. So, for the next few years I delved into the world of Kickboxing and Group Fitness through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, as my personal life improved when I reconnected with my childhood sweetheart, Dean Benintende. It was Dean who encouraged me to follow my dream and open a CKO, after constantly hearing so many great and positive things about CKO. It was one night, after one of our discussions that I decided to try to make my dream a reality. We met with CKO the next day, and here we are today! CKO has become a Family Affair! Dean and I married, and we had a small ceremony with my children, Stephanie & Nick and our parents. We then had another CKO wedding at CKO headquarters in Hoboken. You can always find me or my daughter (who is my Lead Instructor) at CKO. Dean and Nick are there periodically and always attend our special events. We are proud to be family-owned and operated like the original CKO in Hoboken. It just comes naturally that we treat all our members like family. Emerson became the perfect fit for us, as we wanted to open in a town that was very family-oriented and where community is important. As I have always loved this town from my teaching days, we have found Emerson, and the surrounding communities to be extremely welcoming and supportive to us. We have tried to immerse ourselves within the community as much as we can and to try to give back as much as possible. We have sponsored events at the EJSH School, Pascack Valley Wellness, Valley Hospital, Relay for Life, Special Needs Classes for schools in the surrounding area as well as many school fundraisers. On March 10th of 2019, we celebrated our ONE YEAR STRONG! We have accomplished so much this year and are very happy and proud to be part of the community. We look forward to being EVEN STRONGER, next year!